Memory as Color
When we reflect back on all the moments, people, and lessons that shaped us, how do those memories feel? Without relying on mental images, what might they look like? This installation is an exploration into our emotional memory. In recreating certain memories using only color and form I am giving a physical sense of space and identity to my emotional memory. The piece speaks to how we make sense of our past experiences through the lens of color. The video includes text captions that provide date and location context. The projection is overlayed with audio that was recorded in my home during quarantine. This layer reenforces how we interact with our memories; we are physically in the present but we’re able to transport ourselves back to certain moments in time, given the strength of emotional memories.

Memory as Sound
The second part of my project considers our emotional connection to sound. During my research phase I sent out an anonymous form that asked each participant to submit a memory that had emotional importance to them, along with the location of the memory and a corresponding piece of media. Submissions included photos, videos, songs, quotes, and self produced music. This section explores the sound based media. Below you will find the locations and captions of the various submissions and hyperlinked is the corresponding music submission.  The videos are my visualizations of the corresponding submissions.

Pasadena CA

Doncaster England
To new beginnings

Appreciative, Happy

Holding my newborn baby boy

Food market at night; feeling content; with my family

Manhattan NY
Reminds me of a warm and drizzly summer night in the lower east side of Manhattan. The song was playing in the cramped Chinatown bodega that my friend Nick and I had stopped into for a $7.00 bottle of red on our way to a birthday party. It’s also the song that I started playing in the empty apartment kitchen that me, Nick, and two women had escaped to in an effort to empty the bottle into our clear plastic cups before anyone else could

Being 16 and driving for the first time. Windows down and it’s May
Memory as Space
The third part of my thesis considers our emotional connection to space, and how objects, places, and people influence the way we interact with our surroundings at large. Using the photo, video, and image submissions from my form, this section explores the relationship between space and emotion.
Everything is new and old all at the same time. For the first time in a while, you feel whole. Light. Present.
Feeling connected, at ease, not needing to put on a performance. Feeling like myself. And possibly in love.
This ring is one of my favorite possessions. It was given to me by my mom, who got was gifted it from her mother on her 18th birthday. It brings me feelings of comfort.